Privacy Policy

Michigan Laborers’ Training and Apprenticeship Institute Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?
We collect information required for class registrations and course certifications. Typical information collected may be name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, email address, ethnicity and/or social security number, other information may be required.

What do we do with the information we collect?
We may use the information to contact you, process class registrations, acquire certificates, register your certification with regulatory bodies, and apply for grants and/or other sources of funding. We also use the information to improve our services and support our courses. We may use any collected information for reporting or other business practices; when necessary, the information will have any confidential details removed to protect your identity.

Who has access to the information I provide?
Generally, office and administrative staff of MLTAI will have access to this information; affiliated parties may also have access to this information; other parties may be provided personal information when required, before any sensitive personal information is released we will obtain your permission.

Why do you collect information?
This information is required for some of the regulatory bodies for which we provide certification as well as some of the sources from which we receive funding.

When do you collect information?
We collect information during registration for courses, throughout the process and delivery of the courses we offer and throughout our day to day business operations.

When do you release information?
We release information as required and/or requested. Not all requests for information are honored and when possible identifying information is removed or rendered anonymous to protect the identity of our participants.

Where and how do you store the information?
Information is stored in electronic and hardcopy formats. Details as to how and where the information is stored are kept private for security purposes.

Are you required to receive communications from MLTAI?
You have the right to OPT OUT of email communication with MLTAI. To do this you may update your preferences when you register for classes or by postal mail to the following address:

Michigan Laborers’ Training and Apprenticeship Institute
11155 Beardslee Road
Perry, MI, 48872

We are here to provide training for our participants and the information that is collected is used to help improve our services, improve our courses and to make your training experience the best possible. We will provide information in an anonymous format when possible, however, there are times when training needs to be verified and providing anonymous information is not possible, during such a time we will provide only the necessary details to accomplish the business task.